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For multimedia and infotainment devices, the MOST bus (Media Oriented Systems Transport) is the de-facto standard which is used today by key car makers worldwide, in more than 100 vehicle models.

The synchronous network uses a ring topology and offers many advantages, such as easy use, low weight of the cables, no radiation and robustness against electromagnetic noise, so that no shielding is necessary.

Audio, video, data and control information of the infotainment devices can be transmitted. The integrated ethernet channel also enables the connectivity of mobile devices, such as smart phones or tablets, to the car.

The first generation of our Fiber Optical Transceivers (FOTs) is capable of 25 Mbps (bi-phase coding) and available for 5V and 3.3V supply voltage.

The second generation FOT can transmit 150 Mbps (DCA coding), operates at 3.3V supply voltage and is available as a sidelooker (through-hole-mount) and SMD version. The SMD package is a connector built-in type, which can be placed anywhere on the PC board of the infotainment device. There are no manual handling processes necessary in production as the part is reflow solderable and can easily be handled by automatic pick and place machines.

The sidelooker package for MOST150 uses a new and very specific kind of resin, which also enables automatic handling in reflow soldering processes and an operating temperature up to 105° C.

Hamamatsu is a member of the MOST Cooperation. See more information about MOST here:

Another network standard is AMI-C 1394 (automotive multimedia interface communication), which provides 250 Mbps and uses 3.3V supply voltage

Additionally new transceivers for Gigabit networks in the car are in development.

Additional Information

The Most Electronic Brochure tells the story of MOSTCO and MOST Technology in a complete and concise format. MOST Electronic Brochure

Operating Temperature In special SMD package -40°C to + 125°C
Special plastic mold devices -40°C to +105°C
Customization possible, please contact us for further information
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