Automotive interiors are more than just seats and a steering wheel. They also include many electronic components, building the interface from the occupants to the vehicle and its environment.

We offer reliable optical semiconductors such as Photodiodes and Photo-ICs, Ambient Light Sensors and Infrared LEDs, which support the automotive interior systems by providing information about brightness or light colour. This information is used as feedback for interior lighting with LEDs or light guides, or for control of displays. When combined with an encoder or light barrier, they can also be used for jog dials, rotary knobs, or proximity switches in the interior, or as simple gesture detectors. We also offer CMOS TOF Sensors, which provide 3D information for more complex motion detection.

Our components are also used as transceivers for optical communication via MOST bus for interior infotainment devices and connection of mobile devices, or for free air communication from car to car and between infrastructure and cars.

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