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Our optical components are used in Car2X communication, where direct and up to date traffic information is transmitted from car to car, or car to infrastructure. Several projects in countries around the world are using such Car2X technologies, traditionally for toll applications and for the transmission of advanced traffic information such as traffic jams, accidents or road works, in order to increase safety and convenience for the drivers on the road.

New applications are also profiting from Car2X communication, such as traffic monitoring systems or city parking and access control, to find a free parking or loading spot. Other projects include how to make it easier for emergency vehicles to have safe and clear passage or traffic light optimizations.

As a cooperative approach, a Car2X system can be much more effective in avoiding accidents and reduce congestion than each vehicle individually. These telematics technologies are also one key step in the direction of autonomous driving.

An example for such a Car2X system already in use is the VICS (Vehicle Information and Communication System) in Japan, which informs the drivers of traffic jams, detours and free parking lots. European funded research projects such as CVIS and COOPERS worked on similar systems.

A communication module includes an infrared LED array as a transmitter and a Silicon PIN Photodiode Array as receiver. Thanks to customization possibilities, our components can fit to the individual requirements of each specific application. On-board units are installed in cars or trucks, while road-side units are installed at the infrastructure, such as motorway bridges, traffic signs or in car parks. With the coded infrared light signals, communication can also be addressed specifically to one lane or individually to each vehicle.

An applicable standard for such Car2X applications is the ISO CALM, the standardization for Communications in Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems ITS. It defines interfaces and protocols for different wireless communication standards, including active infrared communications. The ITS world association and the ITS groups of each continent organize yearly congresses to share knowledge about the latest news on the road to intelligent mobility.

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