Battery management

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Optical Communication for Battery Management Systems

Fibre Optical Transceivers (FOTs) can be used for communication for battery management systems or fueling and charging stations.

With the current trend of electric cars, one of the most difficult and most important topics for e-cars is, to maximize the driving distance and still keep a reasonable sized battery. That makes it very important to manage and maximize the performance of the battery system. The battery management system (BMS) does exactly that. An intelligent BMS monitors and controls the current, voltage, temperature and functionality of each individual battery cell in order to assure the best reliability and performance of the battery pack.

For automotive applications, this gets even more complex, as the battery management system also needs to detect the vehicles operating mode (accelerating, braking or stopped), provide this information to the driver and adjust the power management accordingly. In order to submit this data to the driver, it is necessary to have a communication channel between the BMS and the other vehicle systems. To isolate the high voltage battery from other low voltage vehicle systems, it is also necessary to implement a galvanic isolation like an optocoupler.

Similar to the Battery management systems, this principle can be used in electric or hydrogen fuel stations to transmit data between the car and the station. Because of the high voltage that is used at electric fuel stations and the flammable hydrogen at hydrogen stations, it is difficult and dangerous to use electric communication. Fiber optical communication is a cheap and simple solution.

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