Headlight control

Headlight control

Hamamatsu Photonics Ambient Light Sensors are used for intelligent headlights with automatic lighting functions.

Ambient Light Sensors can be Silicon Photodiodes, Photo ICs or Colour Sensors which monitor the illuminance and give the signal to the control unit, in order to switch the headlights into the appropriate mode, such as low beam, high beam or daytime running light.

Special filters are used to achieve sensitivity close to the human eye. Ambient Light Sensors are available with different analog or digital output, such as current or voltage output, light-to-frequency converter or I2C interface.

The levels of illuminance which have to be measured for headlight control are between the millilux and kilolux range.

Therefore, our Ambient Light Sensors are built for excellent linearity and a large dynamic range with 5 orders of magnitude, in order to detect low light levels in the dark, as well as bright daylight.

Our Ambient Light Sensors are available in different packages, including SMD for example, the Chip on Board (COB) package with only 2 x 1,25 mm size. Our knowhow enables us to specify a broad operating temperature range as well as high reliability and robustness, essential for headlights in vehicles.

In addition, it is also possible to measure the brightness and light colour of integrated headlight lamps or LEDs in operation using a Photodiode or Photo IC. In this way the lamps or LEDs can be controlled and if necessary adjusted over their lifetime.

Operating Temperature In special SMD package -40°C to + 125°C
Special plastic mold devices -40°C to +105°C
Customization possible, please contact us for further information
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