Sun sensor

Sun sensor

Silicon Photodiodes or Photo ICs are used in sun sensors for the detection of solar radiation to adjust the airflow or cooling of automatic climate control in cars.

The sun sensor is needed to create and maintain the temperature in the car as specified by the occupants. The placement of the sun sensor is usually at the dashboard behind the windshield and measures the infrared part of the direct sunlight.

Our Photodiodes or Photo ICs are also available with a visible cut filter. Alternatively, the sun sensor module includes a filter, or has a black housing, in order to measure only the infrared part of sunlight, which influences the interior temperature of the car.

Our sensors output an analog or digital signal as data for the ASIC or the control unit, which regulates the climate control.
Due to a specially designed black cap for wide angle directivity and to filter only the infrared light, our sun sensor module S8369 detects the sunlight regardless of the sun’s position, thus maintaining a regular temperature inside the vehicle.

Customized sun sensor modules, as well as suitable Silicon photodiodes and Photo ICs, are available for integration into a customers’ module.

Operating Temperature In special SMD package -40°C to + 125°C
Special plastic mold devices -40°C to +105°C
Customization possible, please contact us for further information
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