Rain sensor

Rain sensor

Silicon Photodiodes or Photo ICs together with an Infrared LED are used for rain sensors, to detect water on the windshield. The rain sensor integrates an Infrared LED, which sends out light pulses to the windshield, and an optical sensor, where the light is reflected to, back from the windshield.

If the windshield is dry, most of the light is reflected back onto the sensor. If there is water on the windshield, a part of the light is refracted into different directions and therefore less light is reflected back to the sensor.

The sensor signal is checked by an ASIC in the rain sensor or in a central control unit and if it drops beneath certain thresholds, the rain sensor activates the wipers at the appropriate speed. The location of the rain sensor module is usually behind the rear view mirror but other locations are also possible.

Our Photodiodes and Photo ICs are available with analog or digital output. We also offer the components in different packages, such as TO packages for high reliability, hermetic sealing and good aligning precision, or SMD packages for small package sizes and standard reflow soldering.

Operating Temperature In special SMD package -40°C to + 125°C
Special plastic mold devices -40°C to +105°C
Customization possible, please contact us for further information
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